Best Android Apps for The Lock Screen

start lockscreen

The category has evolved a great deal in the past year and features some of the robust, minimalistic yet productive lock screens that you could get hold of. Grab hold of the best Android apps for the lock screen to simplify tasks and access your frequent apps with a single touch.


Start is a new app which got released in 2014 but has gained rave reviews and positive user feedback within a month since its original launch. The lockscreen app is easy to use, has an intuitive interface, gives you access to multiple apps without unlocking the phone and receives regular updates.

slidelock locker

SlideLock Locker

The SlideLock Locker is another simple, elegant home screen lock for your Android phone or tablet which comes integrated with support for the Pebble watch. It’s clear, has custom status bar and the screen wakes up when you get notifications to let you have a quick glance.

go locker

Go Locker

One of the most downloaded lock screen apps from Google Play store, Go Locker comes from the team behind Go Launcher. The lock screen app is fully customizable and offers tons of themes to choose from. It brings all the notifications to your home screen, offer pattern locks and exclusive features such as fast launch, smart page.

locker master

Locker Master

Locker Master brings a fresh and innovative experience to the home screen locker app category with customizable themes, wallpapers and interesting unlock methods for your phone. Check it out and you are sure to be amazed by its brilliance.

cm locker

CM Locker

CM Locker has all the basic features found in most modern day home screen lockers. It provides GPS services, weather updates and keeps track of the apps that you use most to bring them to the lock screen to save time.

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