How to Sync Data between Android Devices


Nowadays almost everyone has more than one mobile device that they use. As a result it can often become somewhat hectic tracking all the apps and media files that you have on one device. Therefore, it’s often a good idea to utilize cloud storage apps among other methods to make your files accessible to you on all devices with ease. So if you want to sync data between Android devices just follow our simple guide below, microfoane:

How to Sync Data between Android Devices

Syncing Contacts:

The first thing you have to do is to sync up contacts between your Android devices, to do that just use a single Google account on both devices and sync all your contacts with the account. If for some reason you can’t use a single account on both devices, just sync the contacts and download the .vcf file from the Contacts Page in your Google Account and manually import them to your other Google Account.

Syncing Data/Media Files:

There are various ways you can sync up data between two Android devices. You can either copy everything from the internal memory of one device to your computer and then move it to the other device or you can also upload the files you want to be available on both devices to a cloud storage.

Syncing Game Progress:

Games usually store all your progress in a single file on your device. So you can just copy the said file onto your other device and have all your in game progress ported. There are some games which sync progress to your Google account, so it goes without saying that their progress can easily be ported by simply logging on the same Google account on the other device.

Using Third Party Apps:

There are certain apps available on the Play Store such as DataSync (download link given below) which are designed for the explicit purpose of syncing up app data across various Android devices. These apps work automatically and make copying app data between devices a breeze. However they do have certain limitations attached with them as well like for example to use DataSync you must have a rooted device.

If you have some more methods through which we can sync data between Android devices with ease do tell us about them in the comment section below, else we hope that these simple methods might help you use more than one Android devices with ease.

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