How To Permanently Delete Data On An Android Phone


With new smartphones thronging the market every other day, one can’t help but buy new phones because there’s always the option to resell your phone. But, what about the months or years of data that got stored in it? You factory reset it! Simple, right – actually no, it doesn’t erase everything.

A recent Avast infographic says they were able to retrieve private digital photos, contacts and much more from used phones. No one wants their digital identity to be out in the open. Here’s how to permanently delete data on an Android phone.

File Shredder Apps

There are multiple file shredder apps available online. All of them are designed for the same purpose, to destroy your files completely without a trace. It frees up space and gets rid of everything to help you stay safe.

Andro Shredder
File Shredder
Advanced File Shredder

Encrypt and Factory Reset

This is another method where you can double your security levels and make sure nothing is left behind to retrieve using any software. Any deleted data usually lies in your storage but once encrypted, it will give a tough time even for a pro hacker.

Go to settings -> Open Security -> Tap on Encrypt Phone

A list of more options including ‘Phone Storage Encryption’ and ‘Encrypt SD card content’ will be found inside this category. You can choose to encrypt the entire phone memory which may take time based on how much you have on phone. Once done, delete all data using Factory Reset. If someone tries to restore old files, they will see only the encrypted version which is nearly impossible to break into!

By using this method, you can safeguard yourself against any potential threats and resell your phone online without hassles. Both shredding files and encrypting them before resetting are reliable ways. Use the one that you think best fits your requirement.

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