How to Set Up an Android Emulator on PC


Let’s face it, you can’t always run all apps available on the Play Store on your Android device as many a times Google will be kind enough to remind you that you don’t have the adequate hardware or the correct version of the OS installed. While this can be somewhat of an annoying problem, you can always employ other methods to test an app out. The most popular among these methods is to install an Android emulator on your PC and to simply use the required app from there. However, if you’re somewhat new to the whole Android scene and somewhat scared to dive into unknown waters, here’s a simple tutorial to guide you through the process of being able to set up an Android Emulator on PC.

How to Set Up an Android Emulator on PC

Note: This tutorial will only cover YouWave and Blue Stacks Emulator, if you want to use any other emulator we suggest you look up its manual on the internet.

  • Download any Android Emulator of your choice onto your PC. If you’re a newbie and only want to run apps on your PC, we recommend that you try out Blue Stacks as it’s quite easy to use otherwise you can get the proper Android experience by installing an emulator such as YouWave or Virtual Box.
  • Once you have downloaded the emulator, simply install it to your preferred drive like you would any other software on your computer.
  • Open the installed software and if it’s Blue Stacks simply search for the app you want in its search bar and install it to your PC. If it’s some other emulator, such as YouWave, you might have to install the Play Store first in order to install more apps. To do that, simply flash in the .apk file (after downloading it from the internet) like you would flash it to your phone.
  • Once you have installed the apps you want, you can run them anytime using the emulator.

Of course you can’t really use any GSM services due to the lack of a SIM card, you can however use replacement apps such as Whatsapp and Viber to send messages or to call your friends and family.

The whole process is really simple and doesn’t really take a lot of computer know how to properly set up, so if you ever feel that your phone isn’t powerful enough to handle a certain app or game which you really want to try out, we suggest that you just set up an Android Emulator on PC and test the app there.

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