How to Save Data Usage on Android

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Now a days we use the internet to look up almost everything since it’s readily available to us on our devices. However, most of us are on a limited data plan and therefore must exercise some form of control when browsing the web on a carrier network’s data plan. Of course, that being said, there are certain ways for you to save some precious bandwidth and essentially control the data usage of your device. While some of these methods may be painfully obvious for most users, for others they may very well be a breath of fresh air and that’s exactly why we’re publishing our top tips on how to save data usage on Android.

How to Save Data Usage on Android

Use Google Chrome’s Reduce Data Storage:

Found in Settings > Bandwidth Management, Google Chrome’s built in function can help you save a lot of data usage by loading a compressed version of the page via Google’s official servers. While the data saving may start off as a small amount, as time progresses, those little bytes will start to accumulate into something big and good.

Use Wi-Fi to Update Apps:

Go to the Play Store and make your way to Settings > Auto Update. In the menu that pops up, make sure that the option “Auto Update Apps on Wi-Fi only” is ticked so your apps don’t start updating while you’re using your carrier’s plan.

Check Data Usage Statistics:

Go to Settings > Data Usage to reveal how much data a specific app uses while running in the foreground as well as in the background. Ensure that you disable any app that use a lot of your bandwidth while running in the background. Alternatively, you can also limit the data used by specific apps.

Disable GPS & Unnecessary Apps:

Apps which require for you to be constantly online so they can provide you with push notifications do use up quite a lot of your data. So ensure that you close all unnecessary apps from the Task Manager whenever you’re running close to your monthly/daily bandwidth limit. Also, another great thing to do is to turn off your GPS and only use it when you really need to find your way.

Third Party Apps:

If you’re still not sure where and how you spend your monthly quota, a great way is to download data monitoring apps from the Play Store and just see what they have to say about your data usage. A great example of such an app is Onavo Count but you can search around the Play Store to find something else you may like.

Hope these simple tips will help you save data usage on Android and ensure that you don’t end up with a huge bill at the end of each month. If you have some more tips (other than to not use the internet at all) do share them with us in the comment section below.

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