Beyond Gravity Review

beyond gravity

When endless runners and jumpers are going berserk on the Android market, Beyond Gravity is a change from the usual even though it borrows some design elements from familiar games.

You are stranded on a planetoid because your spaceship got burst on the way back to Earth or that’s what we would like to believe. All the planetoids are stellar bodies rotating at different angles and have great gravitational pull. While gravity helps humans live on Earth, you get the benefit of having all the spare parts in your spaceship – nuts and bolts sticking to these planetoids.

The game is easy to learn but will require lots of patience to move from one to another. You can’t walk over these micro planets and the only way to make the jump is to precisely time it, when the orbit brings you around.

Movement is achieved with a single tap which makes the game extremely easy to place on your Android devices, be it a tablet or a smartphone. Tap and your astronaut will be projected into space, collecting nuts and bolts before he successfully lands on another planet. You have to keep moving from one to another which goes on endless until you lose your angle to get lost in the deep space.

While a single tap leaps you off the ground, you can hold your thumb to momentarily stop the planet from rotating so as to time yourself right or to let a comet pass through. If you get hit by a comet in your path, it will hurl you into space, beware!

If you missed a jump, there is always a second chance with the double jump system that lets your correct your trajectory and land properly. The more your collect bolts and longer you keep jump, the higher your scores will be. This is the main objective while there are occasional boosts such as triple jump and faster leaps.

Beyond Gravity is a fun endless jumper which has captivating visuals and a bit frustrating yet fast game play design. The game just needs your one thumb to play which makes it great for a quick getaway during class or when you are stuck in traffic. We hope you liked our Beyond Gravity review.


Easy one thumb controls
Good visuals
Ideal for smartphones


You may not be playing it after a couple of months
Not many achievements to accomplish

Rating – 8/10

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