Monster Legends Reivew

monster legends

If you have seen the movie How to Train Your Dragon, then you must be rooting for more dragon games to come. Monster legends is a release by the makers of Dragon City and the main purpose in the game is to tame the mighty beasts of legends and breed them so you can get a new specie. As you make progress in the game, you unlock different skills and great powers to make ferocious Monster Squads to further strengthen your defense. There are a lot of enemies with unique abilities that you will face as you will explore the adventure map.

Monster Legends Reivew

There are more than 50 different kinds of monsters that you are going to face and each one of them will give you different challenge. Moreover, there is also an option of head to head battle in 3 on 3 combats. There are two different kinds of modes given that you can chose to play; adventure or arena. In adventure mode, you can challenge and test your skills, strategies and stamina to the maximum level.

All the basic monsters have an elemental type which tells you about their unique and special abilities and also the kind of habitat that they live in. The main goal is to breed different types of monsters e.g. if you mix a fire and earth then the resulting specie will be a monster having the abilities of both and can live in either of the habitats. The process of breeding is quite simple as all you have to do is drag the monsters onto the breeding ground and the process will start itself.

The secondary objectives in the game include clearing rocks, trees and meteorites to make rooms for other buildings. As you make progress in the game, you get upgrades and enhance their abilities on the battlefield. Gaining experience points is necessary and so is food as they help in leveling up monsters. Your monsters will also grow and transform at regular intervals so gain as much XP as possible to face difficult challenges.

You unlock treasures, face dangerous and hideous enemies and a world of wonders awaits you!

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