Tiny Thief Walkthrough – A Rumbling Stomach, Stage 5

tiny thief

Tiny Thief is an amazingly simple yet equally addictive game that can have players scratching their heads searching for a solution to be able to achieve a three star rating for each stage. However, not all players are successful and you often need help in order to complete a stage. If you’re somewhat stuck at a particular level, then this Tiny Thief Walkthrough is here to help you out. This walkthrough will focus only on the final stage of the episode: A Rumbling Stomach.

Tiny Thief Walkthrough – A Rumbling Stomach


Stage 5: A Sad Piggy

This is the final stage of the episode and thus has you do a lot of a things before you can get that three star rating.

Once the stage starts, walk over to the melon and roll it over the hole so the mole only has one hole to pop its head out of. Now, walk over to the open hole with the rabbit cage on top and wait for the mole to make an appearance so you can stand on its head to set the rabbit free. Walk over to the chicken and let it out of its barn. Follow the chicken and wait for it to grab the guard’s attention. Once it does that, steal the jar of nuts and hide in the barrel while the guard is still busy wrestling the chicken to the ground. Wait in the barrel till the guard has successfully returned the chicken to its barn. Now jump out, place the acorns on the stump for the raccoon and climb the tree to get the balloon. Tie the balloon around the rabbit so it can set the goose free and watch as it terrorizes the guard into locking himself into the barn. Now you can finally set the pig free to get the first star.

As for the rest of the stars, well open the barn window that the guard closed and tap the goose to make it fly inside the barn to terrorize the guard and make a bottle of milk drop down in all the commotion. Grab that bottle and tap the chicken once more to set it free and reveal an egg for you to steal. Once you have acquired that, you are all set to get your ferret (which is in the hole the mole was popping out of) and the final mysterious item to finally clear this episode. To do that, look on top of the tree to find a green bird. Start tapping the bird till it flies all over to finally come down and peck at the tree. Once it does that, a marble will pop out of the tree which is the final mysterious item you need for the three star rating. Enjoy.

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