Tiny Thief Walkthrough – Rumbling Stomach, Stages 3 & 4

tiny thief

Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be Robin Hood? Well, while we can’t really offer you that particular experience, Rovio has managed to provide a good alternative by publishing the game: Tiny Thief. The game is a puzzle based one and often has players scratching their heads looking for a solution to get the three star rating they want from every stage. If you’re somewhat stuck in the game then just follow our simple Tiny Thief Walkthrough to help yourself out of a rut. This particular walkthrough is for Stages 3-4 of the episode: A Rumbling Stomach.

Tiny Thief Walkthrough – Rumbling Stomach

Note: Due to recent updates some stages have been shuffled or pulled from the game altogether, so if you’re somewhat confused, it’s always a great idea to update your game.


Stage 3: Bait the Hook

Get out of the barrel and tap the crab in the basket to make it fall down. Grab the crab and make your way left to grab the fishing pole. Once you have acquired the pole, climb the ladder and use the fishing rod to grab the juicy fish the guard is well, guarding. Your ferret will be in the seemingly empty basket near the fish you just stole. Tap the clam on top of the crates to make the pearl drop before you do anything else. Now wait for the guard to come all the way to the right and then start moving left, looking away from you before you drop down the ladder. Once he does that, drop down, get the pearl and exit the stage for a three star rating.


Stage 4: Pumpkin Soup

Get out of the barrel and make you way across the horse towards the carrots. Get a carrot to feed to the horse, so it doesn’t kick you when you try to get on its back. The ferret will be hiding in the crates of potatoes which are located towards the right of the crates of pears. After feeding the horse, get on top of the horse to make the thief climb to the roof. Make the bird, towards the extreme left, fly away from its nest to grab its egg. Now walk towards the right most banner and drop down into the stack of hay. Make the strawberry seeds drop from the top of the shop before doing anything else. Wait for the shopkeeper to look the other way before you get out to steal the pumpkin and the seeds. Once done, make your way towards the exit.

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