How to Play Classic Games on Android


There often are times when one just wants to be transported to the days of their youth. That is why retro games and official remakes of various handheld classics often get a very high percentage of downloads on the Play Store. However, for those of you who’re looking for the original experience, somehow all of this isn’t enough. Now we know that we can’t really recreate the original experience on a mobile device, we can nonetheless help you play the original titles just as you remember them. This all can be accomplished with the help of various emulators that are now available on the Play Store. So hold on to your hats folks as we teach you how to play classic games on Android with ease.

How to Play Classic Games on Android

  • The first step is to locate the right emulator for the game you wish to play on the Play Store. For example, if I wanted to play Pokemon Sapphire, I would want a GameBoy Advance emulator or if I wanted to play Super Mario World, I would need a SNES Emulator for my device.
  • Once you have installed the emulator on your device, it’s time to get the ROM (or in laymen terms, the game). You can acquire the game through legal as well as illegal channels as the internet is literally flooded with almost all the classic titles, ready to be downloaded. So just go ahead and get the ROM you want.
  • Most of these ROMs would be in a .zip/.rar format. It’s better to extract the files before placing the downloaded files onto your SD card.
  • Now open the installed emulator on your Android device and look for the “Load ROM” option (some emulators boot up into this option by default).
  • Browse to the location on your SD card where you placed the extracted files and from there simply run the game.

And that’s about it, you will now be able to play all the classic titles you enjoyed as a kid on your mobile device. So go ahead and give your inner kid the satisfaction it craves by letting it play classic games on Android and once again be teleported to the land of no worries.

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