Tiny Thief Walkthrough – Rumbling Stomach, Stages 1 & 2

tiny thief

Tiny Thief is quite an amazing game that lets players control a tiny vigilante who’s out to save the empire from a corrupt system by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. While the game itself isn’t that difficult to begin with, it’s totally alright if you’re somewhat stuck at a certain level or just can’t seem to get the three star rating you desperately want. That’s precisely why we’re publishing this Tiny Thief Walkthrough that will guide you through the first few stages of the episode: A Rumbling Stomach.

Note: Due to recent updates some stages have been shuffled or pulled from the game altogether, so if you’re somewhat confused, it’s always a great idea to update your game.

Tiny Thief Walkthrough – Rumbling Stomach


Stage 1: A Cheesy Plan

The goal of the stage is simple, get the cheese and get out. However, to get the three star rating you need to find your pet as well as a mysterious item.

Once the stage starts follow the tutorial to walk and to grab the good cheese. Now tap you ferret to make it run away. Tap the middle window on the second floor to reveal the piece of cake, grab it and exit the stage to get the three star rating.

Stage 2: Key for Freedom

Once the stage starts, walk over to grab the pair of sheers/gardening scissors located at the extreme right. Now climb on top of the ladder and wait for the guy playing the ukulele to stop playing and go for a drink, once he does, tap his instrument to make it fall down for you to grab it. Once you’re done with that, cut the rope, walk over the fallen plank for the key and tap the ferret to make it run away. Now jump down the ladder to free the butterflies and to finally get the three star rating you want from the stage.

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