Review: Ignore No More – Digital Strict Parenting


In today’s modern age privacy is important to almost everyone. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re independent but for parents, the need to know where their children are and what they are up to is something quite understandable. That is why with time parenting techniques are also evolving and while sometimes the method in question does lead to a way for parents to be more active in their children’s life, other times it just backfires. Nothing can illustrate my point more than the recently released parenting app called Ignore No More.

Review: Ignore No More

Ignore No More is a parental control app that lets parents take control of their children’s smart phones no matter where they are. When activated the app basically blocks the selected user from being able to perform any activity other than calling a single or more predetermined numbers. Now, I don’t know what you people are thinking but quite frankly this does sound like a pretty good way to troll someone.

The GUI of the app is quite easy to get used to and doesn’t really need much explanation. With a single “parent” version of the app being able to control various devices by locking them with passwords, the app does fair well for any parent who wants more control over their child’s life. That being said, I personally feel that installing such an app on any device is a breach of privacy and trust. Also, since the whole app is really easy to uninstall especially if you’re running a rooted device (yes, we tried it), we don’t really see the point of it in any case.

All in all, if you’re a disgruntled parent whose kids constantly ignore their messages and calls, the Ignore No More app can somewhat ensure that they don’t ignore you anymore. However, considering that how easy it is to root any device now a days and how conservative I am in my parenting approach, I won’t really recommend the app to anyone.


Good Things

  • Gives Total Control
  • Free for Limited Time

Bad Things

  • Useless on Rooted Devices
  • Privacy Breach

The Breakdown


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