Review: Tilt Scroll – Tilt your Device to Scroll!


Smartphones now a days come with a lot of sensors. While, each sensor is installed for a particular use, it’s not something entirely new when third party developers try to do be a little creative. Of course, sometimes we end up with a glitchy app but there are times when things just blend together beautifully and we have an app that utilizes a sensor in such a novel and innovative way that almost all of us can’t help but appreciate the intricate beauty of the said app. A perfect example of this would be the recently released app called Tilt Scroll.

Review: Tilt Scroll – Tilt your Device to Scroll!

Tilt Scroll is a utility app that basically allows users to scroll by utilizing the device’s accelerometer. Now, we know that the basic function of an accelerometer is to determine if a device is being accelerated or not but as mentioned earlier, the developer of Tilt Scroll has managed to come up with an innovative use for that particular sensor.

The app basically allows users to scroll content in any direction of their liking by performing certain gestures. To activate this gesture scrolling, you must first shake your device followed by simply tilting your device in the direction you want to scroll in. The app seamlessly merges with the Gallery and almost all popular internet browsers such as Google Chrome etc.

Since Tilt Scroll requires to access your device’s sensors and overwrite a few files, it requires root access on a device to run properly. Which is I guess one of the only major shortcoming of the app as not many users opt for a rooted device. But if you do own a rooted device with multitouch and an accelerometer sensor then I honestly see no reason for you to skip out and not trying the app out especially since it’s totally free and has no in app ads whatsoever to speak of! Of course the app does have a few bugs and sensitivity issues as of this moment but considering that it has only just been released a few days ago, we’re hoping that they will be patched in future updates.


Good Things

  • No Ads
  • Unique App

Bad Things

  • Requires a Rooted Device

The Breakdown


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