Bio Inc: Review – Biomedical Plague, Time to Kill some Patients

bio inc

Games which allow its players to feel like a Demigod are awfully popular on the Play Store and often manage to find themselves among the top ranking games. It doesn’t really matter if you’re building a city from scratch or destroying the whole world’s population with disease like you do in Plague Inc. Now if you ever thought that instead of destroying unnamed victims, it would be more fun to humanize your victims and kill them slowly one at a time, then Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague is the game for you.

Review: Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague, Time to Kill some Patients

Bio Inc. for Android is a disease simulation strategy game that has players control the fate of a patient. The goal of the game is simple: kill the patient by using any or all diseases that you have in your arsenal. To achieve your ultimate goal and unlock the big hitters in your arsenal, you need to collect “bio points”. The more bio points you get, the more ailments you can cause and in general the bigger of a nuisance you can be for any doctor or nurse trying to cure the poor sucker who you have deemed fit for death.

The game itself matches quite a lot in its UI and graphics to Plague Inc. though once you get past the graphical similarities, Bio Inc. manages to provide players with a unique albeit grim experience that soon become hauntingly addictive.

With real diseases and the often heard wheezes and painful grunts of the patient, Bio Inc. definitely manages to be one of the grimmest games that I have played on Android. That being said, the game does manage an addictive gameplay with a great replay value. So, if you’re not really creeped out by the premise of the game, then you should really consider trying the game out especially considering that it’s totally free and only has a $1 in game purchase that’s there to remove all ads.


Good Things

  • Great Replay Value
  • Amazing Gameplay
  • Somewhat Addictive

Bad Things

  • Kind of Creepy
  • Has a few Ads

The Breakdown

Replay Value
Fun Value

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