Review: Make Them Fall – How Far can you Fall?


Seeing how endless runner games do so well on the Play Store, it’s no wonder that developers keep on trying different variants of the game just so we end up with birds flying through hoops, to guys climbing walls. No matter how you look at it, we all have enjoyed an endless runner game in one form or another. The great thing about these games is that as long as the gameplay is fun, you don’t really need great graphics to go along with the game. A prime example of this has to be Make Them Fall.

Review: Make Them Fall – How Far can you Fall?

Make Them Fall is a newly released endless runner game that has players control multiple stick figures falling in between walls. Players must tap the screen to make their characters jump from one wall to another so they don’t crash into the various obstacles that appear. Now, we know that on paper this sounds easy enough but trust me when you have to pay attention to 2 or more obstacle courses at the same time, things really start to heat up.

The graphics of the game are pretty simplistic and feature the basic stick men as controllable characters and triangles as the obstacles you must avoid. All in all, this game is a perfect example to show that you don’t really need great graphics to make a game enjoyable.

With varying difficulty levels that feature a mimimum of two controllable characters to a maximum of 6, I see this game as a great way to exercise your brains potential to multitask. Of course, that being said the game doesn’t really bring anything new to the table as similar things have been done by the developers of “Nobody Dies Alone” or “No One Dies Alone: Ninja Jump”. However, that being said, all in all Make Them Fall can serve as a pretty interesting time pass of a game. So if you have nothing better to do and just want to try out an endless runner game just for fun, we recommend that you think about trying this game out.


Good Things

  • OK Time Pass
  • Good Controls

Bad Things

  • Repititive
  • Lack of Originality

The Breakdown


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