Tiny Thief Walkthrough – Episode 1, Stage 1-3

tiny thief

Tiny Thief is a popular game in which you control a Robin Hood of a thief stepping up for the little guy. In attempts to steal the targeted object, the game has players construct a strategic approach and makes them use everything in the environment to their advantage. The game progresses linearly and while the starting few levels are quite easy, it’s alright if you’re stuck somewhere in the first three stages of the first episode of the game. To progress, just follow our simple Tiny Thief walkthrough below.


1-1: A Sneaky Picnic:

The goal is for you to steal the picnic basket from the guard and make your way towards the exit. It’s simple enough as the early few stages of the game basically serve as a tutorial for players to get the basic know how of the game.

When the level starts, just tap near the picnic basket to walk towards it. Once there, tap on the hand that appears above the picnic basket, once you’re close to it to make the thief steal it and then tip toe your way towards the exit.


1-2: Unwanted Posters:

The object of this mission is to teach players how to interact and use various objects in the environment such as ladders and ropes to their advantage.

So once the level starts, walk to the ladder, tap the up arrow that appears to climb it, walk to the rope and untie it to make the bridge, the guard was standing on, fall down. That will be the last you hear from that pesky guard as he waddles his way out of the screen with the glue bucket stuck to his head. Now simply walk across to the poster bucket, pick it up and then finally make your way towards the exit by climbing the ladder down.


1-3: A Key for Freedom:

This mission finally introduces optional objectives you have to fulfill to get the highest amount of stars from a level. In this level, not only do you have to free the butterflies (primary objective) but you also have to locate your ferret as well.

Once the level starts, just climb on top of the ladder and make your way across the gap by doing an acrobatic jump with the help of the wooden ledge sticking out of the wall. For this, all you have to do is to walk to the ledge and tap the arrow icon that appears over the wooden stick/ledge. You can try interacting with the locked jar at the start of the screen if you wish but that will only make the thief point out the fact that you need a key to free the butterflies. Once you acquire the key, make your way back and interact with the lock to set the butterflies free. Once the butterflies go free, tap your ferret and it will stop messing with the guard on the roof and simply run away, thus earning you that second star. Simply exit the level as before and that’s it you’re done.

 Hope you enjoyed our Tiny Thief Walkthrough for the first few stages.

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