Best Android Apps For Babies And Toddlers

animal sounds for babies

Once you get the best Android apps for babies and toddlers on your device, you can keep the young one productively engaged while you do your other work. These apps and games are colorful, easy to use and are primarily designed for babies – so they are completely safe to meddle with. Just make sure you have a protective cover on your tablet or smartphone so that the toddler wouldn’t damage it when using the apps.

Best Android Apps For Babies And Toddlers

Animal Sounds For Baby

A great companion for toddlers who are venturing into the world of learning! The app teaches young ones different animal sounds, encourages them to dance for songs and lets them interact by shaking or tilting the device.

Bubble Popping for BabiesBubble popping for babies

The game is simple and toddlers would have hours of fun with it. The objective is to pop each bubble by touching the screen to save the aquatic animals. The interface is very colorful, is responsive and teaches babies about sea life in an interactive manner.

Lullaby for Babieslullaby for babis

Put your baby to sleep at the right time with soothing lullabies. Lullaby for Babies plays melodious music at the right time which you can determine by using the built-in alarm system. The sound quality is great and the songs are handpicked to make sure you baby falls asleep in a soothing mood.

Baby Sleep InstantBaby sleep instant

The app Baby Sleep Instant uses monotonous sounds such as washing machine, vaccum cleaner and music box to put your baby to sleep. The developers claim such low frequency sounds puts them instantly to sleep and has been proven through experiments. You can give it a try and leave your comments there.

Baby Phone Game for BabiesBaby Phone game for Babies

A bunch of great baby phone games are comprehensively integrated into this single app. It lets them make fake phone calls, has dialpad with music for each button, sound effects and nursery rhymes that play during a fake call. It works great on tablets and a must have if you have a toddler at home.

If you want your little ones to play on a device, give these Android apps for babies and toddlers a try, you won’t be dissapointed.

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