Bubble Birds Quest Tips & Tricks

bubble birds quest

Puzzle games can be a lot of fun to play especially if you know what you’re doing. However, let’s face it there are often times when you’re just stuck as a blind rat in a maze and just tired of banging your head against the wall. It’s in those times when you look for a solution online and while most games do have walkthroughs, there are many games such as Bubble Birds Quest which don’t really have one to begin with. Since we can’t really help you by providing you with a detailed walkthrough, we will however try to help you by giving you some Bubble Birds Quest Tips & Tricks.

Bubble Birds Quest Tips & Tricks


All of us that have ever played a game known as Bubble Bobble might have a little problem with the game in question as unlike its predecessor, in Bubble Birds you often have to prioritize in order to complete a level. Instead of trying to make all the birds fall, you can complete many levels by just getting all the keys. Always remember that.

Breaking Bad Habits:

Always remember that while this game looks and feels just like Bubble Bobble, it’s not! Therefore, it has a lot many things which are completely different. So break all your nostalgic habits and use bird switching, boosters etc. to their full extent.

Buying Boosters:

Don’t buy the boosters before a level begins, instead conserve your coins and buy them during the stage (only if you have to) as they cost the same.

Be Angular:

Whatever you do, don’t always shoot straight! Mix it up, look for alternative routes by bouncing your birds off the walls and focus on bids that are a bit on the top rather than the ones that are on the bottom.

Make the Target Line Appear:

One thing that the tutorial doesn’t teach you is that you can make a small target line appear by pressing and holding a point on the screen. Of course it’s a really small line which you can extend by buying an expensive booster but there are times when even that small line can help you clear a stage.

Hope these simple, beginner level Bubble Birds Quest Tips & Tricks will help you out to some extent and save you the hassle of restarting a stage over and over again.

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