Crazy Taxi: City Rush for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats


Crazy Taxi: City Rush for Android is a port of the ever famous namesake game of Sega. The game has players drive around the city ignoring all rules while picking and dropping passengers off in the process. Of course, not everyone can be a law breaking, crazy maniac so we’ve decided to help all players of the game with our top Crazy Taxi: City Rush for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Upgrade Priorities:

The first thing you want to do with your hard earned coins is to upgrade your taxi’s boost capacity and power. Many a times you’ll find yourself at the burning end of an almost clocked out mission only to have your skin saved by that extra boost.

Earn More to Spend More:

Don’t be fooled by the generic name of the tip. The real question is to how to earn more coins? Well for starters you can customize your car to have your customers pay more for being picked up by a hot new taxi.

Another thing that you can do to earn more coins is to connect your Crazy Taxi: City Rush game with your Facebook account to get a bonus 3000 coins.

Be a Regular:

Play the game every day to earn a bigger multiplier at the end of each Daily Rush challenge. This will ensure that you end up with a lot of coins in your pocket.

Spend Diamonds Wisely:

Diamonds are a rare commodity in the game, so it’s best if you spend them wisely. Don’t waste diamonds on the Mystery Trunk or hiring drivers. Instead only use them to upgrade and customize your taxis as that’s the best possible use for them.

Hire a Taxi Fleet:

As you progress through the game, you’ll get to hire a whole taxi fleet which can be used to earn some extra cash on the side. So don’t forget to put your fleet on the road as that’s where they belong.

Time Cheat:

Like every other game that utilize a timing system to limit your gaming time, you can change the time on your device to be able to abuse the system and play more.

Hope our simple Crazy Taxi: City Rush for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats will help you become a better maniac on the roads of Bay City. Have fun.

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