Fail Hard Review

Fail Hard Review

Fail Hard is one of the most fun and entertainment stunt games based on great physics and an exciting gameplay. The main objective of the game is to let the user experience the evolution of becoming the greatest stuntman in the world. As you take a start by learning basic stunts and tricks, you move on to do even the most dangerous stunts and jumps. The graphics are really good are the physics of the game let you enjoy an amazing stunt experience.

Fail Hard Review

The main objective is to collect as many coins as possible and do the combos to collect even more. However, there are limited number of tries, so use them wisely or you will have to retry. You get more points for safe landing and you just have to make sure that your falling speed is not too great or you will break your bike. Tapping the jump button twice will make Johnny, the main character, jump off the bike and perform a stunt.

Fail Hard 2

As you make progress in the game, you learn different stunts and spins. Timing is really important because if you don’t land safely, you don’t score. You can also spend money on the bike and there are instructions given at the start of every stage. Pay attention to these instructions so that you can pass the level easily. You can also upgrade your spin if you have enough money that you earn by completing the levels.

The maximum score you can get in each stage is 3 stars and to get that, you have to be really sleek and avoid losing balance while performing dangerous stunts. There are different goals and unique obstacles in each level and you are given a new challenge in every stage.

Fail Hard

There are several ways to complete a mission and some missions you will have to play more than one time to get those pesky level-unlocking coins. The experience of rising from bottom to become the world famous stuntman is just amazing! Overall it’s a really good game, not really something like you’ve seen before and there’s a lot you will learn about this game when you play it yourself.

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