How to Speed Up an Android Device


When it comes to smartphones, people often are very conscious about viruses. No matter what goes wrong with their phone, whether if it’s a full cache or their devices getting slow due to a full RAM, they always tend to blame it on viruses. While it’s a good thing to be on the lookout for harmful threats to your phone, a better idea is to check for other causes as well. While there are no set procedures to speed up an Android phone, here are some of the top things you should do if your Android phone has gotten slow.

How to Speed Up an Android Device:

Check for Threats:

Install a good antivirus software and do a full memory scan to see if there are any potential viruses that might be causing your phone to slow down. Once done, delete the antivirus app if you want and move on to the next step.

Delete Unnecessary Apps:

It’s never a good idea to be a hoarder, so if you have a lot of apps that are there just for show, delete them.

Clear Cache:

Go to Settings > Memory Management or App Management (depends upon your Android version as well as the ROM you’re using) and either clear the cache from memory management or open individual apps in app management to delete their respective caches. Usually apps like Facebook etc. build up a very huge cache over time.

Move Data/Apps from the Internal Storage:

Check the size of your internal storage as a nearly filled internal storage can make your phone lag. If that’s the case, start moving apps from your internal storage to your device’s SD card.

Close Unnecessary Programs:

If you’re not in the mood of deleting your favorite apps, you can always go to memory management and close all apps that you currently aren’t using. Some apps can be real memory hogs, so it’s always better to fully close them once you’re done with them.

Upgrade or Change ROMs:

Depending upon your level of expertise, you can make your device work faster by either upgrading your device’s firmware or changing ROMs completely. ROMs that are on ART work far faster than any ROM that is still using Delvik Cache.

Root your Device:

You can always root your device to gain complete control over it. Once you have that, start deleting all bloatware apps from your device.  You can also download root level apps which are made for the specific purpose of conserving battery life and making your device work faster.

These were just some simple tips to speed up an Android device, if you have some more you want to share, do tell us in the comments below.

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