Papa Pear Saga Tips & Tricks

pap pear saga

Papa Pear Saga is a game that manages to combine the fun aspects of many famous games such as Bubble Bobble and Pinball into a single ball of juicy goodness. While players can easily sore past most of its levels without facing any resistance, there are some levels which require users to either get extremely lucky or to play them more than once in order to proceed. That is why we are featuring these Papa Pear Saga Tips & Tricks to help players proceed through each level with the maximum amount of pears left in their arsenal.

Papa Pear Saga Tips & Tricks

Pay Attention to the Objectives:

Apart from shooting pears into buckets, there are levels which require you to shoot down a certain number of vegetables as well. In these levels, it’s always a good idea to aim for the vegetables first as you can always aim for the buckets after you have cleared the board of vegies. Also once you have cleared all your objectives early on, the game will go into Pear Fever which gives bonus points for all the un-shot pears.


Always aim for the corner buckets first as they are the hardest to reach. You can always put pears in the middle buckets quite easily through your pear shooter.


Just like the famous Bon Jovi single, make your Pear bounce all across the screen to earn extra points. Like pinball the game awards more points the more your pear bounces across the stage before coming to rest in a bucket.

Eliminate the same Type of Vegies for Multiplier Pegs:

This tip can’t be anymore self-explanatory! Just eliminate the same type of vegies to get multiplier pegs which in turn do exactly what their name suggests: multiply your score for each bounce.

Shoot ‘Em All in Timed Levels:

There are certain levels in the game which put players on a time constraint, the strategy for those levels is to shoot more than one pear in the opposite directions at a single time to maximize your score output in the same amount of time. Sure this might increase the number of pears you may use to clear a level but this strategy will also ensure that you don’t end up with a timed out clock.

Hope our simple Papa Pear Saga Tips & Tricks will help you get more out of the game and make you an overall better player. If you have some more tips or tricks you want to share with us just tell us about them in the comment section below.

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