Paper Toss Tips & Tricks

paper toss

Paper Toss for Android is a game that converts a fairly simple activity into this mind numbingly addictive game. While expert players of the game have no problem adjusting to its varying difficulties, new players often find themselves at a loss of patience as they continue to see their paper balls fall short of the basket time after time again. Now, we know we can’t really hold each player’s hand to make them better at the game, we however can share some Paper Toss Tips & Tricks that will more or less have the effect.

Paper Toss Tips & Tricks

It’s all about the Wind:

Adjust your shots according to the office fan’s wind direction and magnitude (as donated by the arrow). While a weak wind will have you adjust your shot slightly off center in the opposite direction the arrow is pointing towards, a stronger wind will see to it that you throw your paper at a wider angle.

For reference, any wind with a magnitude that’s between 0.01 to 1 is considered as a weak wind and magnitudes ranging from 4 – 6 are considered those of a strong wind.

Using the Environment:

No matter what difficulty level of the game you’re playing, you should always locate an object in the environment to serve as your focus point. That object will basically help you guide where to throw your paper to have it successfully land in the middle of the basket.

Use Common Sense:

I can sit here and teach you basic Physics over and over again in order for you to become better at the game but in my experience the best advice I can give to any new player of the game is to use his common sense and aim accordingly.

Take your Time:

Since there isn’t any time limit on any shot that you have to take, we suggest that you calm down and take your sweet time in calculating where to throw the paper for it to land in the basket.

Hope our simple Paper Toss Tips & Tricks might help you out in your epic quest to throw paper balls into a waste bin, have fun.

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