Review: Circles – Whack a Circle!


Who here remembers going to the arcade and playing whack a mole till they dropped? I mean honestly, just the thought of picking up a mallet and whacking some moles on the head was relaxing and satisfying. Perhaps that’s why I kind of felt attracted towards this new game called Circles.

Review: Circles – Whack a Circle!

Circles is a simplified and digitized version of what a mole and has players mash various circles that appear on their screens into oblivion before they disappear. Each player starts with 3 lives and every time they miss a circle, they lose a life. Alternatively, to make things interesting, players can also lose a life anytime they manage to hit a circle which is black in color. While the premise of the game is pretty simple, one can’t help but scream in agony as they reach a certain point in the game.

Now, I know that to most people this game might sound like an elaborate death trap of sorts, but in all the ways that you can lose a life in the game, there is a glimmer of hope. That hope comes from a certain powerup included in the game which when tapped removes all circles from the screen and gives you the score. The idea itself isn’t original but then again, it still manages to make the game a bit more fun.

While for obvious reasons I couldn’t really use a mallet to bang those pesky circles, the game still managed to bring back all those nostalgic memories of me in the arcade in my younger years. Of course, the game would had been a lot more fun if there were actual moles to speak of but I guess, we can’t really have it all, now can we?

All in all, Circles is a very fun and satisfying game to play and will have you addicted to it in now time what so ever. That being said, I still am hoping that the developers would be kind enough to include some more power ups or a little more variety in the game someday as well.


Good Things

  • Addictive
  • Fun
  • Unique

Bad Things

  • Bad Ad Placement
  • Needs More Powerups

The Breakdown

Replay Value

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