Review: Smart Selfie – A Smart Way to Take Selfies


Love them or hate them, selfies have become a social norm in our society. While for some they are a way of life, for others it’s a stigma that must be wiped off the face of this planet as soon as possible. Now, we can’t really do anything to help those with the latter agenda, we however can try to help those who wish to capture their glorious selves with ease. As every selfie enthusiast knows, capturing the perfect selfie is quite a difficult task, especially since the front camera on most devices does nothing but snap pixelated pictures. This is where the app Smart Selfie comes in handy.

Review: Smart Selfie – A Smart Way to Take Selfies

SmartSelfie is a camera app that is designed to help everyone take the perfect selfies with ease. The app utilizes the rear camera of the phone and with the help of facial recognition algorithms and voice commands instructs the user how to move their device so they don’t end up with a picture in which they only have half a head.

While the app does have an unusually cluttered user interface (UI), it still manages to be quite easy to use. All you have to do is to turn the app on, select the number of people (maximum of 4) that are going to be in the selfie and then just follow the voice commands to place your camera perfectly. Once everyone is in the picture, the app automatically snaps the picture so it doesn’t get ruined by the movement of the fingers.

Though Smart Selfie does have some limitations such as only allowing 4 people in the picture or not working properly with a camera that’s larger than 5 megapixels, it still is a great initiative for an app that is dedicated towards the art of taking self-portraits. So, if you’re a selfie enthusiast, we highly recommend that you think about trying this app out.


Good Things

  • Good Concept
  • Makes it Easy to Take Selfies

Bad Things

  • Cluttery UI
  • Facial Detection Doesn't Always Work
  • Rear Camera Limited to 5 MP

The Breakdown


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