Skulls of the Shogun Tips & Tricks

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Skulls of the Shogun for Android is an incredibly complex strategy game despite its cartoonish appearance. While the game itself is new to the Play Store, it has ruled supreme on other platforms such as Windows. So, if you’re someone who did decide to buy the game but now are somewhat unsure as how to proceed, just follow our simple Skulls of the Shogun Tips & Tricks to help you hone your army into the undead killing machines they were meant to be.

Skulls of the Shogun Tips & Tricks

Plan Everything:

As mentioned earlier, this game despite its appearance is very complicated. So it’s always a good idea to plan your every action each turn before you actually decide to commit to anything. I personally like to look about and try to think ahead of the enemy’s response before I actually order my units to attack. This not only allows me to be more effective but it also allows me to control the flow the battle to my liking.

Manage your Resources:

It’s always a good idea to secure resources as soon as a level start. So use your cavalry and fast paced units to haunt shrines, rice fields and monk shrines before your enemy can lay siege to them. Also one great thing to remember is that rice is a finite resource on each map, so getting it just so your opponent can’t is a good enough reason.

Eat Skulls:

Each enemy you kill drops a skull, which can be used to make your armies stronger. While it’s a good idea to eat the skulls as soon as they drop, another strategy is to leave a few of the skulls behind for your general to consume so he can eat his way to full power when you’re ready to do some major damage.

Use the Environment:

No matter how powerful the unit is, you can always one hit KO them by pushing them off a cliff or into water. Use that to your advantage. However, if you find yourself cornered in such a spot, it’s a good idea to form a spirit wall using your weak units. Any unit in the spirit wall can’t be knocked back by enemy forces.

Another tip is to use bushes and corners as cover for your units. Even a 20% dodge chance can help you turn the tide of a battle.

Plan Some More:

Even though we mentioned this earlier, I still can’t help but to reiterate the importance of planning ahead. There is no tip that is as important as this one. So study a map carefully and plan your moves before you actually commit them.

Hope these simple Skulls of the Shogun Tips & Tricks will help you turn the tide of the battles in your favor. Have fun and don’t forget to plan ahead!

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