Tiny Thief Walkthrough – Episode 1, Stage 4-5

tiny thief

Tiny Thief is an amazingly addictive strategy game that often makes players scratch their heads in search of an answer. While most players do tend to find the correct way to complete a level all on their own, some of use aren’t that lucky and need a little help to make our way through. If you fall in the latter category, there’s no need to be ashamed as it happens to the best of us. So, just stop thinking too hard about it and follow our simple episode 1 (stage 4 and 5) Tiny Thief Walkthrough to make your way to the end of the stage with a 3 star rating.

harvest time

1-4: Harvest Time

The goal in this mission is to teach players about stealth. This is the first level in the game where you can actually get caught if you aren’t careful, so it might get a little tricky for some players but don’t worry as it all comes down to timing your movements.

After the stage starts, wait for the evil gardener/harvester to turn his ugly face away from you. Once he does that, interact with the barrel by walking next to it. This will make the thief hide in the barrel. From here you can safely observe without getting spotted. You will notice your ferret poking its head outside of an empty pot located above the flowers on the left side. Tap it to make it run away to safety. Now, wait for the gardener to turn his head away from you once again, as soon as he does so, climb out of the barrel and make your way to the top by using the ladder next to you. Once at top, get the fruits and at long last make your way down the ladder to the exit. However, just like before do make sure that the gardener doesn’t see you!

sweetest loot

1-5: The Sweetest Loot

This time around, apart from locating your ferret and stealing the prime loot, you also have to find a mystery object hidden somewhere in the level. This level essentially prepares players on how the rest of the game is going to be like, so you should pay close attention to what you do here.

As soon as the level starts, the game asks you to tap the window on the ledge above you. This is to instruct players that there are certain objects that they can indirectly interact with as well. Make your way above the ladder. Follow the on screen instructions and tap the left window first followed by the right one. After you tap the right window, it will open to show you a harp is placed inside of it. Tap the harp to make it drop below. Once it drops, simply pick it up and make your way towards the next screen of the stage.

Once the next screen is loaded, you will notice the prime loot you have to steal is placed in between two barrels and a patrolling guard. Wait for the guard to start walking away from you when you drop down the ladder to hide in the left most barrel. While you’re hiding, you will notice that your ferret can be found in the trees between the two barrels, tap it to earn the star. Now, after the guard makes his full round and is standing near the barrel you’re hiding in, get ready! As soon as the guard turns, after tapping the ground 3 times with his spear, jump out of the barrel and start walking behind him. Once near the loot, steal it and then once more walk behind the guard to hide yourself in the right most barrel. Wait for the guard to tap the ground 3 times with his spear, turn and make his way past your barrel. Once he does that, jump out of the barrel while he is still walking towards the left side and make your way towards the exit.

Hope you enjoyed our Tiny Thief Walkthrough and don’t forget to tell us if you have any other problems concerning the game.

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