How to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Android


Blackberry devices were once renowned for their smart skills so much that almost all business executives used to carry a Blackberry in their pocket. However with recent developments, Blackberry has become somewhat obsolete and slowly but surely people have started migrating towards Android or iOS due to the variety of apps offered by both these platforms. Now, we know that switching to a new smartphone can be a bit hectic as not only does it take time to get used to a new device but it also can get somewhat confusing in trying to figure out how to copy your existing data. Since Blackberry itself is a smartphone, copying the media content as well as calendar appointments aren’t that hard, however, one thing that most users have difficulty is in trying to copy their contacts. That’s why we’re featuring our how to transfer contacts from Blackberry to Android guide, so to make the transition a bit easier.

How to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Android

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on both of your devices.
  • Now Search for a new device on the Blackberry and connect to your new Android smart phone.
  • Once connected, tap the tracker and select the “Transfer Contacts” option that shows up.
  • Accept the transfer on your Android device and voila, all your contacts will be transferred to your new smartphone in the form of a .vcf file. You can simply import this .vcf file to your phonebook’s (or Contacts) Settings and selecting the Import/Export option.

The whole process is real easy to carry out and only takes a few seconds of your precious time.

Alternative Method:

  • Another way to transfer your contacts is via the use of Outlook.
  • Just download the Outlook app on your Blackberry and sync all your calendar events and contacts with the app.
  • Now you can simply download the contacts file from Outlook and upload it to your device or simply install the app on Android to sync everything you had on your Blackberry to your Android.

No matter which method that you use, you’ll be able to transfer contacts from Blackberry to Android with ease and in a matter of seconds. If you have any questions regarding the whole process, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below.

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