99 Bricks Wizard Academy Review – A Tetris Style Game That Lets You Build

99 Bricks Wizard Academy

99 Bricks Wizard Academy instantly pulls you into its addictive, colorful world where a powerful wizard is trying to build a home to dwell. If you find the UI of the game very familiar, you are not alone because the game is heavily inspired by the classic title Tetris. But, instead of matching shapes to demolish blocks, you are expected to construct them to reach the farthest height possible.

The goal is to build a huge tower on a narrow foundation and as with any construction you need a wide basement to build on it which is a time consuming process. You can always choose to get wild and build some wacky towers because if you reach the height mark (checkpoint) line, the wizard will freeze it from falling despite its shape being really wacky to stand on its own. This is why we love magic!

You can rotate the blocks with a single tap which is easy and convenient without any complicated controls. Apart from reaching the height markers, there are multiple short goals to achieve. Some of them include building towers without rotating the block, achieving specific shapes and other more silly but interesting goals to keep you engaged.

While your wizard has mana and can acquire powers which occasionally float through bubbles on screen, you will have competition from jealous wizards who will pop up to hurdle your tower building process. Making use of spells like cement to glue your blocks for better foundation and trying to reach the height marker is fun and thrilling at the same time.

With colorful graphics, an engaging game play inspired by Tetris, easy touch controls and moderately challenging goals, 99 Bricks Wizard Academy is a fun game that we could recommend to keep you busy when waiting in line or commuting through traffic. It keeps you going for hours with unlimited fun factor! We hope you found our 99 Bricks Wizard Academy review useful. Let us know what other titles you would like to see reviewed at Android Plazza.

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Good Things

  • Colorful graphics
  • Engaging physics and magic spells
  • Easy learning curve

Bad Things

  • Lacks longevity

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