Battery Saving Tips for Android


Whenever a new flagship device is released, the first question that people ask is that how long will its battery last? While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that question, the one thing that people fail to realize is that battery consumption is something that differs from user to user. Some users often go about 2 to 3 days without having to charge their devices while others face a drained out device only after half a day. It all depends on how exactly do you actually use your device and even though there are no sure ways to improve battery life, we have featured the top most battery saving tips for Android that work for most users below.

Battery Saving Tips for Android

Turn off Unnecessary Hardware Radios:

LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc. all make up for a huge portion of your daily battery consumption. So the first thing you want to do is to turn off all unnecessary hardware radios which you don’t need. Like for example, you don’t need LTE or Bluetooth when you’re in a Wi-Fi zone, so just switch them off or while travelling, you don’t need your Wi-Fi to be turned on.

Close Battery Hogging Apps:

Pay close attention to what apps hog the most out of your battery. Just shut all the apps down that you don’t use and you will witness a major speed and battery boost on your phone. You can also look for battery friendly alternatives for some of the apps you do use on the Play Store as well.

Turn on Power Saving Mode:

Go to Settings and turn on your device’s Power Saving Mode (if present). This will enable your device to cut down on unnecessary processes and save a bit of your battery.

Delete Unnecessary Widgets and Avoid Live Wallpapers:

All the widgets and live wallpapers that you love so much take up a decent portion of your battery consumption. So if you want to save a bit more battery, it’s a great idea to delete all the unnecessary widgets and sticking to static wallpapers.

Go Silent:

While this feature is not recommended for most users, it can work for anyone who keeps checking their phone a lot as turning off unnecessary notification sounds and vibrations on your device can help you save a lot of battery.

Buy a Bigger Battery:

If all else fails and you still find yourself charging your device in the middle of the day, it’s high time that you think about buying a bigger battery for your device. Alternatively you can also opt to buy a secondary battery for your device as well, though changing the battery will cause your phone to restart.

If you have some more battery saving tips for Android that you want to share, just tell us about them in the comments below.

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