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While the criminal life is something that everyone should avoid, there are times when one can’t help but to fantasize what it would be like to be a criminal. That’s exactly why games in which players take the role of a criminal are pretty trending on all platforms. Drug Wars Underworld is such a game in which players have to run a successful crime syndicate and while the game itself is self-explanatory, not everyone is cut out for the thug life. That’s why the following Dope Wars Tips & Tricks will help new, “goody goody two shoes” players of the game out in establishing their name as a badass.

Dope Wars Tips & Tricks

Try, Try Again:

Keep restarting your game till you begin the game with a low price on any one of the starting drugs.

Go Big or Go Home:

As soon as you start, make it your first priority to try to get rid of all the normal, low level drugs as soon as you can. You want to make big bucks and to do that, you need to start moving some cocaine and/or heroine.

Get a Gun:

The first item to buy (especially if you don’t know what to get) is a gun. This will not only allow you access to the “Fight” button whenever you meet cops but will also allow you to finally go down a violent death rather than surrendering like a sissy.

Know when to Fight:

Don’t be afraid to run from fights especially if you’re faced with more than 5 cops at a single time. If you fight more than 5 cops, chances are that you’ll end up dead and a dead coke dealer isn’t really a good dealer.

Pay only When in Excess:

This isn’t real life! So there is no need to start paying off debts as soon as you start getting some money. Instead it’s a better idea to first fill your pockets, then to deposit some money in a bank and then to pay off the debts with the excess cash. You won’t really get anywhere if you’re broke, so remember that.

Hope our simple Dope Wars Tips & Tricks will help you become a better in game criminal and rule a city with ease. If you have some more tips you want to share with us, just tell us about it in the comment section below.

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