The Best Android Apps for DJ Mixing


Being a DJ is great, except when you have that awesome idea for a mix and you’re away from your mixing deck. That doesn’t mean you have to let it go to waste, though – just pull out your phone, install a mixing app and you’re ready to go. Here’s a list with the best android apps for DJ mixing that will let you do your thing wherever you are.



Edjing is the perfect mixing app, whether you’re a bedroom DJ or a professional one; it comes with a minimalistic interface that’s clean and intuitive enough to let you just get the job done, but also complex enough to accommodate advanced options such as effects, loops and equalizer controls. The application has SoundCloud and Deezer access, as well as a Smart Music Library option that includes a global search, thus allowing you fast access to all the tracks you need.

DJ Studio 5

If you’re looking for a completely free DJing app, you’ve found it! Don’t let the “free” part fool you, though, as DJ Studio 5 is just as powerful as any other mixing app out there. The app has everything you need to get a crowd going: two virtual platters for scratching, visual representation of sound spectrum so you can easily identify the drops and kicks in your tracks, 8 sound effects to play around with and a powerful sound engine to make everything sound just the way you want it.

Party Mixer

Party Mixer is the perfect pick if you’re looking for a mixing app that allows you to crossfade between two tracks seamlessly without the need of any fancy effects. Working with the app isn’t exactly rocket-science, and that’s exactly what makes it great – it’s a simple and effective tool for the ad-hoc party DJ.

These are our 3 top choices for the best Android apps for DJ mixing. Which one is your favorite?

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