The Best Android Apps For Rooted Phones

rom manager

With your Android device rooted, the next sensible step is to see how far you could push your new found freedom. In order to explore it better, we bring you the best Android apps for rooted phones in 2014 that will show the true potential of your device. Some are free apps, some are paid, but they will definitely make it worth your time and money. Let’s see which are the most useful Android apps for rooted phones.

Best Android Apps For Rooted Phones

ROM Manager

Rooting is all about installing new ROMs and the latest version of Android or even developer previews. ROM manager is a great app that lets you search all famous Roms available and try it in your smartphone in a jiffy.


The app is designed to help you retrieve those lost files from your internal storage or SD card. DiskDigger app scans through the memory and retrieves all file formats that it recognizes. A preview window will let you browse those you think are required which you can later send to your e-mail, upload to FTP or transfer it to local storage.

GL to SDgl to sd

Phones have limited internal memory and most huge games are adamant to seek space into it. Use GL to SD which can transfer all those app data to your SD card so that you don’t have to worry about making your phone sluggish.


Customization is an important part for any rooted Android device and it doesn’t end with pushing performance or installing new Roms. Use SoftKeyz to customize your navigation buttons to your preferred color. The app offers over 150+ choices to choose from.

Solid Explorer solid explorer

The best and most reliable file manager because Solid Explorer acts a lot like a computer, making your Android phone or tablet feel more user friendly. You can have two different panels opened simultaneously to transfer files, use FTP, cloud sync and more such features.

Other apps that are very useful to rooted phones and worth mentioning –  Titanium Backup, Greenify, FPS Meter, Full Screen. Go ahead and try these essential apps for any rooted phone and tell us how you managed to increase your smartphone performance.

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