Crazy Taxi Tips & Tricks


There are certain ported games for the Android that have managed to stay true to their original counterparts and as a result are quite fun to play. A great example of this has to be Crazy Taxi which manages to bring the same crazy driving experience you used to have as a kid to your mobile device. Of course with the added feature of sharing your high scores with the world, it’s no wonder that the game has managed to become somewhat more addictive than before and that’s exactly where we hope our simple Crazy Taxi Tips & Tricks will help all the players of the game out.

Crazy Taxi Tips & Tricks

Green is for GO:

It’s perfectly alright to ignore passengers which have an orange circle over their head as they will generally pay less and have a shorter journey. Go for the passengers which have a green or near to green circle over their heads.

Cutting it Close:

I know the name of the game is Crazy Taxi but as a general rule of the thumb, it’s always a great idea to avoid hitting anything. Instead have close shaves with the incoming traffic to increase your overall score.

Avoid Ramps:

Getting some air just looks so awesome but since you can’t control your taxi mid-air, you will often find yourself hitting into oncoming traffic or into a building just as you land. So it’s generally a good idea to avoid ramps as much as you can.

Stop With Skill:

Don’t hit things just as you’re about to stop near a passenger, this will only make them jump out of the way and thus cost you some precious seconds on your overall time.


Another great way to increase your overall score is to drift! However, drifting on a straight road is just foolish so instead only do it on clear long turns instead.

Know where you’re heading:

Learn the map and find your own way to a destination instead of following the lame arrow on top of the screen as it can often lead you through a longer route.

Hope our simple Crazy Taxi Tips & Tricks will help you rack up more points than before and shave some precious seconds off of your final time!


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