Nobody Dies Alone Tips & Tricks


Nobody Dies Alone for Android is a great and quite unique endless runner game that has players control more than one runners which are sprinting about dodging obstacles. The game is quite hard to master and in all honesty it did manage to remind me of Flappy Birds as I faced the same amount of frustration when I played it the first few times. However once you get the hang of it, the game gets quite fun and before you know it you’ll have five separate runners jumping about. Of course, some players might have some difficulty getting to that point that is why we’re featuring our top Nobody Dies Alone Tips & Tricks.

Nobody Dies Alone Tips & Tricks

Find the Most Comfortable Position:

Since you often have to tap multiple locations on your screens at the same time, we recommend that you find the most comfortable position for your fingers or thumbs. It will take some time but once you find that sweet spot, half of your problems will be no more. We however do recommend that you try playing the game with more than one fingers.

Pay Attention to the Hurdles:

Even though you only have to jump over the hurdles, do remember that not all hurdles are the same. Some of them require you to jump early as they are longer in width while some require the runner to jump high. Remember that touching any part of the hurdle causes the game to end.

Don’t Give Up:

As generic as this tip sounds, it’s real important for you to not give up. No matter how good you get at a certain difficulty level as soon as you change to the next one, you’ll find yourself like a fish out of water and crash in the first 40 seconds of the game. It’s important that at those times you just persevere through and just don’t give up.

Also remember that the more you play the game, the more your brain will be trained to multitask and recognize each runner as a separate entity.

Calculate the Hurdle Distance before Jumping:

When you have more than two runners on screen, it’s very important for you to notice and calculate the distance of the hurdles before jumping. Often you’ll come at a point when all your runners will be facing hurdles at different distances, it’s important that you recognize each hurdle’s distance and prioritize your jumps accordingly.

Hope our simple Nobody Dies Alone Tips & Tricks will be enough to be able to guide you through this simplistically addictive game and finally be able to survive for more than 20 seconds at a time.

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