Review: Galaxy Photo Screen Lock – Custom Lock Screens

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The lock screen has to be the single most component of your UI that you stare at the most at any given moment of your day. So of course we can understand your desire to make your lock screen look representable with all your widgets, shortcuts and whatnot. However, if you’re a person who likes to go the extra mile by including some kickass pictures on your lock screen as well, then you should definitely get intimately familiar with an app called Galaxy Photo Screen Lock.

Review: Galaxy Photo Screen Lock – Custom Lock Screens

Galaxy Photo Screen Lock (quite a mouthful, isn’t it?) is a lock screen replacement app that allows users to fully customize their lock screens by adding pictures etc. What sets this app apart from the other apps is its feature to allow users to add multiple pictures or a slideshow apart from being able to add all the other crap such as widgets like that of weather, time, camera shortcuts, battery indicator etc. on to their lock screens. Users can also choose from a wide variety of beautiful static wallpapers as well though that’s a bit redundant as you can easily do that with the default lock screen as well.

The app itself is quite easy to set up and can easily browse through pictures and add them to your slideshow. Everything else is easily customizable as well and can be toggled on or off as per the user’s requirements which makes the whole thing quite a gem.

In conclusion, apart from the long name, Galaxy Photo Screen Lock doesn’t really have a long list of shortcomings to speak of. But if you’re a person who loves to nitpick, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that irritates you in the app. If not, then you should definitely think about trying out the app on your phone as your lock screen is the one screen that you and most people look at the most.


Good Things

  • Fully Customizable
  • Easy to Use

Bad Things

  • Works on Limited Devices
  • Some Small Bugs

The Breakdown

Ease of Use

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