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Endless runner games don’t really have a lot of strategy to begin with, however one can always tend to improve their skills if they just start to pay a little attention. That being said, there are always a certain amounts of tips that if you follow will tend to improve your gameplay by a small amount. And while to most, that small amount is almost negligible, for those of us who play to compete with our friends, that’s a lot. So, keeping in that spirit, today we shall be sharing some of our Subway Surfers Tips & Tricks.

Subway Surfers Tips & Tricks


The thing about endless runner games is that your focus should always be directed towards the game. That’s why it’s always a good idea to play the game whenever you have lots of time to spare.


There are certain obstacles in the game that can only be gotten used to by practicing. I know up till now these tips have been really generic, just bear with us as we’re about to dive into the really juicy tips.

Upgrade Power-Ups before Anything Else:

The one mistake people do is to spend their in game coins in getting thing such as the hover board etc. However, it’s always a good idea to spend your coins by first upgrading your power-ups as they grant you an easy way to have a longer run and/or access to more coins.

Have Some Hover Boards to Spare:

It’s always a good idea to have some spare hover boards in your arsenal as they can really come in handy anytime you end up dying after an exceptionally long run.

Boosters before Cosmetics:

Cosmetics are just for show, so it doesn’t matter if your character is good looking or not as the only thing that counts is your score.

Do the Missions:

Completing the Daily Challenges and Missions grants you an extra boost of coins which in turn can be used to make your runs last longer.

Stay on Top:

Prefer staying on top of the trains as otherwise you can get boxed in between the trains and die.

Hope our simple Subway Surfers Tips & Tricks might have helped you out and improved your gameplay.

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