Review: Reflection – Hide your SMS and Call Logs


With the ongoing debates about Net Neutrality and the concerns for privacy becoming a pressing issue, it’s no wonder that every person feels threatened about having their private information and conversations leaked. While we can’t really do anything about the prying eyes of government agencies, we however can take some steps to stop people from reading our private conversations or accessing our call logs. The easiest way to do that is not to give your phone to anyone but for most of us that’s not possible as quite often we find our smartphones in the hands of our friends and family. However, there is another solution to this predicament and its name is Reflection.

Review: Reflection – Hide your SMS and Call Logs

Reflection is a privacy app that allows users to hide their text messages and call logs from prying eyes. What’s great about this particular app is that is lets people hide conversations and call logs from a specific number which can really come in handy if you have a special someone in your life about whom you don’t want others to know about. As an additional security feature, the app itself is PIN protected to ensure that no one can ensure the hidden records without your explicit permission.

Now, I know the app does sound great but it does have a few things that still need some polishing. One major complaint that I personally had with the app was its inability to hide message on any ROM that’s running on KitKat. However, according to the developer this is a problem with Kitkat restrictions and it will soon be removed as that particular feature is in the alpha stages of testing. The app works flawlessly on any ROM below Kitkat.

All in all, Reflection is a great app with an easy to use UI that almost any user can install if they want to hide their personal call records and private messages from prying eyes. So, if you do have a lot of people taking a keen interest in your life, we highly recommend that you stop all those peeping toms from getting their jollies on your expense and install this app as soon as you can.


Good Things

  • Easy to Use
  • Secure

Bad Things

  • Minor Bugs
  • Doesn't Work Properly on KitKat

The Breakdown

Ease of Use

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