Review: LineItApp – Make your Life as Easy as Drawing a Line

As time progresses, we are slowly inching our way towards smarter devices that require as little human interaction as possible. Because let’s face it, we can’t always be relied on to remember each and every small detail of our day to day life. As a result, we often forget to do minute tasks such as to tell someone we’ll be dropping by their house later or to pick up groceries on our way home. While we’re still a long way from Jarvis (Ironman reference) being our personal assistant, we certainly are getting there with the help of apps like LineItApp.

LineItApp is an automation app which helps users put important reminders on their device by simply drawing a line on a map and associating an action to go along with it. For those of you who’re confused, the app basically triangulates the position of a user by using the device’s GPS/AGPS etc. and whenever the user crosses the line they drew on the map earlier, the app automatically triggers the action associated with the said line.

For example, if you have to go to a friend’s house and want to inform them beforehand of your arrival, you simply draw a line cutting the path you’re going to take and instruct the app to send a text to your friend saying, “Hey, I’ll be over in 5” whenever you cross that line. The app also allows users to be informed of other devices crossing lines in a similar manner by introducing the “Send a Line to” feature. This feature essentially can be used to perform a certain action when that user crosses the designated line you drew for them. Of course it goes without saying that the other user has to approve of you being able to track their whereabouts for this feature to work, so there’s nothing to worry about for all the security conscious people out there.

LineItApp also has a unique business model, working in relation with businesses that want to promote their deals. Users can draw a line near the shopping center that they are interested in and select the deal categories that they want to receive. Then, at a user specified time, the app will give deal alerts based on your interests. There is still room for improvement but the idea is impressive.

In terms of its functionality, uniqueness and ease of use, LineItApp is one of a kind and puts other automation apps such as Tasker to shame. So, if you’re someone who does tend to forget a lot of things, we strongly suggest that you think about trying the app out on your device.


Good Things

  • Unique
  • Easy to Use
  • Lots of Features

Bad Things

  • Needs Improvements

The Breakdown


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