Swamp Attack for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats


Who doesn’t love a good redneck shoot ‘em up game? Well apparently everyone as according to the Play Store rankings, Swamp Attack for Android is among the top most downloaded apps at this moment. So if you’re a fan of the game or have just picked it up out of curiosity and now want to kill all those critters that are out to destroy your home, fear not as our top Swamp Attack for Android Tips & Tricks are here to do just that.

Swamp Attack for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Know where to Spend your Coins:

Now, I know it would be very tempting for you to spend all your hard earned coins to unlock various new in-game weapons but trust me when I tell you that would be a waste of resources! Instead of going for new weapons, it’s far better to go for weapon upgrades or explosives instead, as weapons can be unlocked as you progress further in the game but upgrades can’t be.


Speaking of managing resources, you must first earn some coins to be able to spend them right? Well, for that the only “legal” advice we can give you is to grind on levels that you’ve already beaten. No, we’re not suggesting that you keep playing level 1 over and over again, instead go for the levels that gave you a good coin value but were easy to complete as well.

Prioritize your Targets:

Remember that a half dead critter is still an alive critter that can do you harm! So always remember to kill your targets as well as to prioritize them according to their damage output against you. Creatures which deal less damage should be left until absolutely necessary to deal with.

If you’re Stuck, Make it all Go Boom:

Now, we know that normally explosives should be saved for tough monsters but if your screen is swarmed will all sorts of things that want you dead, a well-placed explosive will do wonders for you!

Go for Multikills:

Just like in every game, you would be rewarded more if you manage to kill more enemies with a single shot (or in laymen terms: score a multikill). To score the most effective multikill, take a shotgun and just shoot in between the critters that are close to each other. Also do remember that the shotgun is a close ranged weapon, so don’t waste your bullets if the monsters are on the other side of the screen.

Know your Weapons:

Just like a soldier in war, you would only succeed if you know which weapon is right for a particular instance. For example the shotgun and Uzis are closed ranged weapons so using them for enemies which are far away will only mean that you’re wasting your bullets. Also, as a general hint: do remember that the Flame Thrower is the best damaging weapon in the game!

Time Cheat:

If you run out of energy just use the infamous Candy Crush Extra Life trick and exit the game, fast forward your device’s time to get some extra energy!

Hope these simple Swamp Attack for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats will help you proceed farther in the game and kill those pesky vermin that are trying to take over your farm! Go give ‘em hell mates!

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