Angry Birds Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Let’s face it, almost every one of us has indulged ourselves by playing Angry Birds one time or another. It doesn’t matter what version of the game you tried out as the basic principles of the game have stayed the same over the course of its evolution. That being said, there always are a lot of people who are trying out the game for the first time and having a hard time clearing levels. If you’re such a person and in need of some help, well then look no further as our Angry Birds Tips & Tricks are here to do just that.

Angry Birds Tips & Tricks for Beginners

It’s all about the Physics:

Angry Birds is one of those games which has an excellent Physics Engine. Therefore, instead of shooting at buildings like a mad man, look for structural weaknesses like a TNT box your birds can detonate, or a support beam that can be taken out to knock a tower down.

Get the Bigger Picture:

While most stages in the game can be passed by simply shooting at the target, there are some stages that have a lot of things going on. So, it’s always a great idea to zoom out as much as you can and scout the area which you’ll be bombarding with your birds before you actually start.

Take all the Time in the World:

Angry Birds doesn’t really have a time limit for each stage. So, instead of rushing into a stage and shooting one bird after another, assess the situation and take all the time you need to make a shot.

Know your Birds:

Each bird has its advantages over others, so get to know which of your birds can inflict the most damage to a particular type of structure before you start destroying things. Like for example, the yellow birds are great for breaking through wooden beams while the small blue birds are great for shattering glass. Use this knowledge combined with the strengths of the rest of you birds to your advantage.

Get Lucky or Cheat:

As much as I hate to say it, Angry Birds does involve a certain amount of luck to clear each stage. There will be times when you will hit a wall just at the right spot and never be able to do that the second time around. So just cross your fingers, take a deep breath and hope to get lucky. Of course, if luck isn’t really your thing, you can always use the internet to look up some walkthroughs to help you out.

Hope our Angry Birds Tips & Tricks will be able to help you out. If you have some more tips you want to share with the world, just sound off in the comments below.

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