Best Android Apps For Agriculture


The world of agriculture is fast growing and it has been incorporated with technology to assist modern farmers with their progress. With the best Android apps for agriculture, you will never find yourself lost for information as they will keep you informed of weather, soil condition, plantations and much more.

Appgro: Mobile agriculture

The Appgro app lets you monitor your field from any part of the globe and even brings a detailed report onto the PC. The app has three different data collection modules based on monitoring, tillage and harvest control. The cloud based information source is readily accessible and lets farmers keep track of production easily.agriculture information

AgriCulture Information

One of the most popular apps in the Android Play store, AgriCulture information provides all latest details related to fertilizers, pesticides, market pricing, farmer information, government assistance and also encourages you to leave feedback so that they can improve the app better.farming simulator

Farming Simulator

Just because you work in a farm doesn’t mean you can have fun and the Farming Simulator game lets you enjoy your profession in the virtual world. Enjoy an all new career mode where you have to cultivate your land and generate good yield. The graphics are authentic and the detailed sim will keep you busy for long hours.yara checkit

Yara Checkit

Yara CheckIt provides comprehensive information to farmers on the crops to use, their nutrient levels, and also makes suggestions to identify deficiency. The app has been designed to work with minimal signal strength in rural areas and offers localized content for the countries it was designed for. A great app for farmers which helps them increase crop quality and witness better yield.turfid

Bayer TurfXpert

As the name suggest, it is an app specifically designed to help you spot weed with pictorial descriptions. It also has a question and answer menu to help you identify weeds. The app has won the Crops magazine apps test.

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