Best Android Apps For Medical Students

3d anatomy learning

When you are learning one of the most complex subjects in the curriculum, any kind of assistance would be helpful. Get the best Android apps for medical students that gives you in-depth knowledge on human science.

3D Anatomy Learning

The app has all the information you need about the human body in a visual representation. The developers say that they are constantly adding new content to it which makes it a viable alternative to learn for all medical students.

drugs medication guide Medication Guide

The comprehensive information provided in the app is linked to the website and offers you information on ways to identify pills, know the right drug, set up medication records and get informed using the Q&A section.


My Medical

My Medical is a handy record keeping app that students, individuals and doctors can make use of. The app helps monitor medications, stays as a digital file cabinet and can be used to store various test results virtually.


Calculate By QxMD

The app Calculate comes from the developer QxMD who had made other medical apps such as Pedi Stat and ECG Guide. It provides information supported by medical experts, has 150 unique calculator modules to choose from and is handy to determine multiple patient related data at once.



Medscape is a reliable all that provides comprehensive information for students and professionals alike. It provides medical calculators, prescription drug information, education courses, and information on diseases. The app is free to download and can be used offline as well so that you can check drugs, conditions without being connected to the internet.


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