Best Android Apps For Quitting Smoking

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You already know that smoking is injurious to health but what’s lacking is the motivation to stay focused and quit it. Get the right assistance from your smartphone by using the best Android apps for quitting smoking and say good bye to tobacco.

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Quit Now

Quit Now is a comprehensive and popular app on the Google Play store. It offers real time statistics and helps you stay away from anxiety. You can monitor the day, hour and minutes since your last smoke, the money you saved by quitting it and its health benefits all at once. You can share your accomplishment on social media and people around the globe will motivate you to stay on track. A good app indeed!

quit smoking

Quit Smoking

The peril of quitting a habit is that you may feel anxious, depressed or annoyed to let go off it. Quit Smoking is an app that ideally understands this concept and helps you stop smoking by gradually reducing your dependency on cigarettes. When you reduce the count, it will be compared with other users and you will be appreciated for your efforts. It has a widget to use on your homescreen and offers a simple user interface to browse through.

quit smoking with Andrew

Quit Smoking With Andrew Johnson

The app takes an entirely new approach where Andrew Johnson helps you relax your mind and slowly reduce your craving to smoke. It has obtained an amazing 4.4 rating and is a self-hypnosis fitness tool that will bring life back under your control. Use your headphones and listen to it regularly for best results.

get rich or die smoking

Get Rich or Die Smoking

This app motivates you by showing what else you could buy when you stop smoking and save money. There is an unique reward system in place to encourage you and it has widgets to help you stay focused. Talk to other quitters, buy stuff you love with saved and it will help you say goodbye to cigarettes without you realizing it.

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