Best Android Apps For Streaming Music


Are you looking forward to feel immersed in aural bliss? Music has the power to motivate you, keep you focused and with the arrival of online streaming technology, you will never run short of choices again. The best Android apps for streaming music will soothe your ears and provide you so many songs from multiple genres that you will be spoilt for choice.


Spotify redefined the online streaming platform and continues to be one of the most preferred program around the globe. The app lets you choose over 20 million songs with so many curated play lists to choose from and has good radio stations to hear into. There’s a free version but $10 isn’t too much for the excellent service they offer.



The next best thing to Spotify is the Rdio app for Android which boasts of an equally large collection, has catchy album arts, easy to navigate user interface and lets users create their own playlists. The free version is offered to select countries while the paid one is pegged at $10 a month. It has a remote control feature where you can control the desktop client using your smartphone which sets it apart.



The app Deezer is known to ardent music fans but hasn’t gained the popularity it deservers yet. The platform offers over 30, 000 radio stations, 30 million tracks, user created playlists and an intuitive discovery engine to find your favorite music. The app is quite stable and looks gorgeous on tablets too.



An editor’s choice on Google Play Store, TuneIn as they call it, the real radio that offers the largest collection of music online besides sports, news and talk shows to keep you engaged. It has over 100, 000 real radio stations to browse through. That should let you know how good it is!



You can create your own radio stations on Pandora using your favorite songs and bands. It even creates playlists based on your preferred genre and has an in-built alarm system. The free version of the app works fine on both smartphones and tablets.

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