Review: Email Popup: Poppy – Popup Notifications for Emails

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When it comes to official communication, nothing that we have now can replace the authenticity and formality of an e-mail. That’s precisely why people who work for a living often don’t really care for SMS apps as much as they do for a highly functional e-mail app because let’s face it, the stock Gmail app has all sorts of problems. One major problem that almost all email clients and apps on Android currently have is the lack of popup notifications. Seriously, we can have popup notifications for SMS, Hangout Messages, and Facebook Messages but when it comes to an e-mail notification, we have to resort to the barbaric way of pulling down the notification bar, opening the app and checking out the email from there. If you’re someone who shares this pet peeve of mine, you should be glad to know about an app called Email Popup: Poppy.

Review: Email Popup: Poppy – Popup Notifications for Emails

Email Popup: Poppy is an email client that is made to put an end to slow, overly complicated and non-popup notification pushing email clients once and for all. The app is an independent one and doesn’t rely on other apps such as the Gmail App or K-9 E-mail Client to be installed on your device.

As mentioned earlier, the best feature of the app is its ability to push popup notifications onto your phone’s screen thus allowing you to easily read, reply or even delete emails with ease. With multitudes of available options such as the ability to display the full message in a popup notification (if required), the feature to change the popup styles, displaying the senders e-mail ID along with their picture, browsing through additional notifications by swiping and restricting the e-mail popups to contact list only, the app truly is one of a kind in the Play Store.

Of course with all its extravagant features, there still are a few bugs that can get on your nerves. These bugs include the rare occasion when the popups don’t play the notification tune or when for some unknown reason you can’t seem to delete an email by using the popup widget. However, since this is after all a recently released app, it is expected that the developer will soon notice these problems and fix them in a patch.

In conclusion, Email Popup: Poppy is quite a great app especially if you’re someone who has to work on the go. With its popup notifications, it will ensure that you don’t miss any important emails from your employees or clients again.


Good Things

  • Good Features
  • Easy to Navigate UI

Bad Things

  • A Few Minor Bugs

The Breakdown


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