Review: Sfen – Automatically Change Profiles With Ease


One of the best apps for profile management available in the Play Store is Tasker. The app allows users to quickly switch between their active profiles and control their devices whenever certain conditions are met. However, just like most great apps on the Play Store, Tasker isn’t free as well. So it’s understandable if most users try to find an alternative, if you’re such a person then Sfen is a free and interesting app that you should be aware of.

Review: Sfen – Automatically Change Profiles With Ease

Sfen is a profile management app that basically allows users to create events which control their device to some extent whenever certain set conditions are met. The app even allows users to specify actions whenever they reach a certain location.

With Sfen the possibilities are almost limitless. You can save a lot of battery life and truly make your phone smarter as you can easily launch your media player, or launch your favorite game or even set up reminders or texts whenever the preset conditions that you set are met.

The UI of the app is quite user friendly and doesn’t really need much explanation even to the newest of users. Of course, since the app has been launched recently, there are a few bugs present here and there that might be a bit problematic for you. However, the developer is fixing them as well as adding new features with each update. So big things should be expected from the app in the future.

So, if you’re a person who wants to control his device more smartly then you should really consider trying out Sfen as thanks to its profile management, you would greatly benefit from the app. Also considering the fact that it’s totally free to use and highly functional doesn’t really hurt its cause either to motivate you to try the app out.


Good Things

  • Great Features
  • Easy to Use

Bad Things

  • Minor Bugs

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Ease of Use

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